Copperhead - Pure Copper Fittings

Copperhead Fittings ™ raise the bar for push connect plumbing technology. In addition to their easy push-to-connect installation, they offer a dual seal which allows for higher pressure range than other push connect fittings.

Dual Seal Fittings

dual o ring
Copperhead Fittings offer dual seal construction, which allows for higher pressure ranges than single seal push connect fittings.

Award Winning Technology

Quick Fitting’s push technology & valves have been awarded Plant Engineering’s most prestigious award, the “Product of the Year” award two times!

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Push Fitting Products

View our broad selection of push connect fittings.

Quick Facts

  • Push Connect System
  • Removable
  • Reusable
  • 100% Repairable
  • Dual Seal
  • Connect to Copper, CPVC, or Pex
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • No Soldering Required
  • No Crimping or Clamping
  • 75 Year Warranty

Pure Copper Fittings

Copperhead offers a completely lead free line of push connect fittings. Available in a range of sizes from 1/4” to 2”, our wide variety of fittings ensure that you will get exactly what you need to finish the job right. Our fittings grab on for a permanent plumbing connection and also have the ability for easy removal.

Removable, Reusable, Remarkable!

Unlike many other plumbing methods that use glue, open fire, or tricky crimping, Copperhead fittings are simple. Save yourself the elbow grease and try out a Copperhead fitting. Just cut, clean, mark, then push to connect the fitting and you’re done! Removing the Copperhead system is just as easy as installation, requiring only a disconnect tool.

The Copperhead Advantage

Offering a wide range of fittings, Copperhead has just what you need for your next plumbing project. Our variety of fittings ranging from elbows to end caps, and they save you both time and money.

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